Products made in a fair and honoust way. The organisation behind Fairtrade Gemeenten Arnhem tries to show people that fairtrade products can be found everywhere. They try to promote the use of these products to people as well as companies. Fairtrade Gemeenten is a title that shows that a certain provincy has fairtrade shops, organisations, bars and the provincy itself. A title that is used in honour.

Pomote Fair

This project is a concept that was made for the organisation. Fairtrade Gemeenten wanted to promote the local shops. These shops made sure their products were made in a fair way. This needed to show the people which shops were included.


Next to that people needed to be able to see the city. Bringing fairtrade shops and café’s together to experience the city in a new way. A way that shows that the city find fair trade important.

On a bicycle

The Netherlands is very accessible, especially for cyclists. Bikes are one of the most used transportation ways in this country. That is why the idea is to plan bicycle tours through the city to different fairtrade shops, café’s and companies and ofcourse the sights. Making sure the city shows itself in the best way possible.

City map

To make sure it is easy to follow the route, an app was designed. Here a map of the city was displayed with the route that needed to be taken. People on holiday could follow it using their mobile phone, to make it even more easy to use.


In the app it is possible to view information about the different stops. For example the opening times, a description about the company and some pictures of their products and store. All information needed to see if the shop is something you would like.