GP Groot

GP Groot is a company that is known by it’s dumpsters, but not in a bad way. The company provides companies with dumpsters and garbage sollutions just so they don’t have to worry about it. GP Groot has been a big help for many businesses and building sites. They provide the containers, take away the garbage and make sure it is sorted and processed in the best way possible.

Client Portal

This project was done while working at Sixtyseven Communicatie in Beverwijk. GP Groot was looking for a way to connect with the clients and make sure they know everything they need to know about their rented dumpsters. The best way to do this and be prepared for a more digital age was an online client portal.


More companies offer online services and make it easy to see billing, schedules, products in an easy way. GP Groot wanted to modernize their customer service and this was the way to do this, making it more wasy to use for their clients.

To make it last

To make sure this client portal would be easy to use and would withstand future challanges, the website needed needed to be moderen and usefull. This is why the portal was designed using wireframes, responsive grids and vector graphics. This would allow the website to change to the display, load fast and be easy to use by any of the clients.

Clean Design

The design that was made has a clean look and has the least amount of distractions. This makes sure that clients will know what to find where and how the website works in a short time. The clean design also allows changes to the visual elements in the future to be done quicker.


As said before the client portal needed to be able to withstand future challenges and be easy to use. To make sure any current and future screen size can us the portal the website was designed to be responsive. This makes it a flexible system, ready for the future.