Festival 2017

What do you do when you and your friends are looking to go to a festival, but there is no event in the region. You create it yourself.. That is what a group of friends did in Rijkevoort in The Netherlands. A group of friends created a festival from scratch to bring some life into the region. In juli 2017 the second edition was done, and it was a complete success. Ofcourse the whole neighbourhood was there and many volunteers including parents, family and friends helped to make it work.

Theme Design

Every year a new theme is thought out to make sure it is different and more fun then last year. This theme is used in all it’s communication and print to grab the attention and make the festival more unique.


This year the theme was “Nature takes over”. A theme that allowed us to use trees, plants and rusty objects wherever this was needed. The logo used the year before was ready for an update, that is why we created a new one with the theme and previous edition incorporated in it.


Work Hours


Festival Hours





To remember

When you look at the numbers, you know that hard work pays off. With almost 2.000 visitors over 3 days there is no doubt that the festival was a success. To get it this far the festival needed a logo, social posts, posters, flyers, stickers, fence screens, pricelists and much more. All these items were made in the same style as the logo and theme.

Since the festival was a succes and the design work was looking great, we have no doubts that next year will be even better.

We create digital products that benefit the client. Just like a tree uses water from the soil, sunlight from the sky and other fuel we use information to make our designs better. Using company research and statistics before the start and feedback after and during the product is created.

Tom Suijkerbuijk
Meadow Events