Online Orientation

The United States of America has numerous state colleges. Minnesota State University (MNSU) is one of those. MNSU is a college located in the state of Minnesota, in this case in the small town of Mankato. The college provides a variaty of educations and masters to both national as international students. With over 15.000 students students and more than 1.100 international students from over 90 countries this college is expanding and innovating every day.


Every year when the new students come in to start their new education, there is an orientation. This orientation is used to show the campus around and tell them all information needed to make it through the year.


The orientation mostly provides student with the information of taking care of certain tasks. For example where you can do manage financial parts, where you can sign up for spors, the college clubs, international affairs, and ofcourse the medical office. Everything you would need when living on campus.




Avarage KM Distance






The university needed a new and more innovative way to spread this information and make it reachable by anyone at any time. Currently it was a long lasting quiz which took a couple of hours and needed to be done at campus. This needed to change to make sure it was easier to find the information as well as being easier to complete the introduction in a different place or time. A challenge that called for a new system for the orientation.


Since the orientation is taking a lot of time and students are getting more busy one of the implementations is to pause it. Students would be able to pause their progress and continue later in the evening or from the couch when they have more time.


To give students the opportunity to look up the information in a later stadium, for example in the middle of the semester, the information is searchable. In this way the information can be found when it is most needed.


A big problem of the current orientation is the place. The orientation needed to be done at the IT classrooms of the university. A way to make this easier to use, is by making it available online. Not only for computers, but also for mobile and tablet. In this way students are able to finish the orientation when they have the time, instead of being forced to at the universities time. A better experience for both.


The platform is designed to be responsive. In this way the platform adapts to the students device. By using responsive codes the platform will change it’s layout and the elements are loaded, making it fast in use for everyone.


Responsive codes and providing the platform online will give students the possibility to do the orientation from the park, the campus and even from the couch in their houses. In every way a more flexible way to do the orientation.