Online Tutoring

The United States of America has numerous state colleges. Minnesota State University (MNSU) is one of those. MNSU is a college located in the state of Minnesota, in this case in the small town of Mankato. The college provides a variaty of educations and masters to both national as international students. With over 15.000 students students and more than 1.100 international students from over 90 countries this college is expanding and innovating every day.


As part of their services, MNSU provides tutoring to all students that need this. However, currently the university had their tutoring offices unorganized running independently. That is why we were asked to create a platform to organize tutoring in a digital way.


One of the challenges was the distance. Not the distance on campus itself, but the distance between students themselfs. Some of the students live a 2 hour drive from campus, and don’t use tutoring because of that. For us the task to make it available from any distance.

and flexible

To give students from all over the state the chance to use tutoring the platform needed to be useable from everywhere, the platform is designed to be accessible online. Students can login from home, study rooms or even from their mobile phone in the park. The platform allows student to monitor the feedback on their send in documents, schedule tutoring sessions and talk to their tutors.


The online tutoring platform is designed for the student, as well as the university itself. It not only tracks feedback sessions and the schedules, but also tracks hours, expenses and tutoring time. This is done because tutors are students who get paid and the amount hours decides the salary.

Virtual Classroom

However, to serve the students in the best way and make the tutoring session more personal and helpfull, virtual classrooms will be used. This are pages using Google Hangouts to provide the ability to talk face-to-face and write down comments in the same time. After all, learning needs to be more easy with this platform.