Have you ever had  ideas for a TV show? Then you probably have thought that a lot of people would like it if they would actualy make that. StreamingBuzz is a company that allows anyone who uses their services to start their own TV channel. In this way people or brands are able to create tv shows that they would watch. All brands need are the app and a good internet connection.


The company provides the ability to start a streaming TV channel from any device. In this way brands who have their own youtube channel are able to start a live tv show from anywhere that fits them.


One of the things that is provided is the integration with social media networks. Using their product will provide the ability to stream live to any of the social channels a brand of person has.

Your Channel

StreamingBuzz is a startup that is building their product. A way to spark the interest of potentail customers, is to create a landing page that shows exactly what they can expect and why they need to use their services. The landing page needed to be clean and clear about the concept. The solution for this was to create a one-page-website that would introduce the company to the audience.

Landing Page

The landing page is built out of white space and colour and image blocks. This shows visitors the differences between content and gives them examples of situations where StreamingBuzz can be used.


The landing page is designed to use light colours because they have a positive effect. The brand itself uses white and pink as their main colours, these are used in the website to make sure it fits the brand and gets recognized for it.